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E-commerce to remain a niche

UK Internet providers, KeConnect, said on Monday that “a new online service, AskTheLocal!, combines the best of online retail with shopping locally by allowing buyers to source goods in their area. Having compared prices online, consumers can purchase products from ‘bricks and mortar’ shops instead of waiting for delivery.”

Interestingly, the article is about how successful online shopping is proving to be this year in the UK. Online shopping is increasing in the UK, but it remains a niche (still less than 10% of all retail sales according to estimates for 2006), and as local-shopping search spreads, we predict online shopping will level off, or even drop. Consider IMRG’s May 2006 report that highlighted how 90% of UK Internet users research their products online, but then proceed to purchase the item offline.

Greg Sterling details why e-commerce will remain a niche in his discussion of US local-shopping search NearbyNow.

Also on Monday, the AskTheLocal! press-wire story, “UK’s First Local-Shopping Search Torpedoes Online Shopping”, was featured on the Financial Times site (Subscription Only).


The full release was on WallStreet:Online (Germany), and Sys-con.


AskTheLocal! word spreads

Whitaker Associates, who focus on the converging and evolving Directory and Search Services (DSS) marketplace, says this today “ is a new UK-based local shopping search engine that allows shoppers to find product information, photos, and prices from multiple bricks-and-mortar retailers and then travel to the nearest shop to buy the product directly. This saves having to wait for online delivery, or traveling between different retailers to find a particular product.”


Also see yesterday’s ‘AskTheLocal! in the news’ 

Suggest a product for AskTheLocal!

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Suggest a shop for AskTheLocal!

The AskTheLocal! local shopping search engine provides a referral program that offers an ongoing royalty of 10% of the revenue from a retailer to the person or organization who successfully referred the retailer to AskTheLocal!. For more details see ‘Local shopping search owned by the community’ .

If you want to informally suggest a shop we should include, you can comment below with the details. Please include as much contact information as possible.  Note: you don’t need to leave your name, e-mail or web address.

AskTheLocal! in the news

Experts on search, SearchEngineWatch’s Phil Bradley wrote a review of AskTheLocal!.

This was followed by Greg Sterling who commented here about the development. Greg is a US-based local search specialist who covers the topic.

Graham Charlton from E-consultancy, the UK’s leading online internet marketing site posted an interview which explains some further details about AskTheLocal! and where the site has come from.

Some things to address in case there is any confusion – AskTheLocal! does link through to retailers directly on each product and it is the main link. The retailer’s web-page is usually the point of entry for that product.

And Paula, 33, wants to add that she did finish her Masters in economics but “stopped her PhD program, much to her mother’s chagrin”. I’m also not married to Paula, in case that could be taken the wrong way!


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Switching blog providers to WordPress

Since we can’t edit our site on due to a server being down, we were prompted to change to WordPress. I’m just testing out the functionality, so bear with me. Our old blog was at blogger. All the information has now been transferred successfully.
I do prefer the functionality of this service so far – I recommend them.

In terms of how you read this blog, the links have become easier to follow, allowing you to see the most recent posts from any page, and we’ve now got some explanation for whole blog. The commenting system is embedded in the page also.