AskTheLocal! in the news

Experts on search, SearchEngineWatch’s Phil Bradley wrote a review of AskTheLocal!.

This was followed by Greg Sterling who commented here about the development. Greg is a US-based local search specialist who covers the topic.

Graham Charlton from E-consultancy, the UK’s leading online internet marketing site posted an interview which explains some further details about AskTheLocal! and where the site has come from.

Some things to address in case there is any confusion – AskTheLocal! does link through to retailers directly on each product and it is the main link. The retailer’s web-page is usually the point of entry for that product.

And Paula, 33, wants to add that she did finish her Masters in economics but “stopped her PhD program, much to her mother’s chagrin”. I’m also not married to Paula, in case that could be taken the wrong way!



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