Bloggers enhance local shopping search results

Another application for blogs has been introduced on the local shopping search AskTheLocal!. The ‘prodblog’, provides the blogosphere’s opinion of each product listed on the search results page.

This adds a sense of certainty before tripping down to the local shop to buy a product. There are many shopping sites with some form of review link, but a blog is independent, and media rich e.g. bloggers can post photos or videos of how the product works in the real world. This means that bloggers from anywhere can comment on the products listed, and local shoppers in the UK will be able to compare the experiences in using those products before buying.

Due to the immediate indexing of a blog and because it is international, the comments will appear on other shopping sites that offer a prodblog link, and could be a good source of search engine traffic for bloggers in future.

You can try prodblogs by searching for a product on AskTheLocal! and then clicking the ‘See prodblogs’ link underneath the result.

To write about a particular product, use any of the main blogging engines e.g. Google’s Blogger and mention the product name in the title of the blog. This should appear on AskTheLocal! after a few minutes.


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