UK local shopping search feed available for portals

Kiosks, wireless and web portals in the UK can now integrate a local shopping search into their offerings. Picture yourself in a shopping mall or on the High Street, and being able to find out where to buy the ‘nike shoes’ you are desperate for, using a computer kiosk or mobile phone. Instantly, pictures and prices of the item are displayed, letting you know which shops — closest to where you are standing — are selling what you are looking for, along with maps of how to get there. How convenient is that?!

Greg Sterling detailed on SearchEngineWatch the exciting possibilities this represents for portal owners, and the high conversion rates that can be expected.

The AskTheLocal! feed is available in XML on a shared-revenue basis. This means that whatever traffic driven by the portal resulting in pay-per-click revenue, will be shared between the portal and AskTheLocal!.

If, for example, the portal would like to list and search all shops in a particular shopping mall, the portal owner has two opportunities to generate an ongoing revenue stream. Firstly, the owner can convince the retailers to list their products on AskTheLocal!, which leads to an ongoing Referrer Royalty, and exposure throughout their local area for the retailer. Secondly, the actual access to this local information on a kiosk, or wi-fi home-page generates a further revenue share from the leads generated.

For the techies, here’s how you can try out the XML feed:

1. Carry out a search on AskTheLocal!
2. In the URL box, replace ‘’ with ‘’
e.g search for nike shoes as an XML feed

For more information please contact us.


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