Local shopping search saves our small shops?

Small retailers are under threat from the major chains in Britain, but local shopping search could level the playing field, and allow specialist services to continue to thrive.

From the Save Our Shops campaign, Hayling Island newsagent Nigel Swan, who represents the National Federation of Retail Newsagents, said ”It is also the worst-off in the community who are hardest hit when local shops close; elderly people and single mothers who cannot afford to travel and buy a whole week’s shopping.”

The problem is that it becomes much easier to say “let’s go to the major chain” because it is the safest choice if you’re not sure whether a shop will have an item or not. A local shopping search allows a very specialist item to be found in a local shop, and gives confidence that a trip to the retailer will be worthwhile before actually leaving.

Therefore, while our local shopping search does have major chains, we’re very much in favour of providing a life-stream for specialist retailers, and we therefore support the campaign.

More information can be found from the Lancaster University Managment School.

The Evening Standard have also been running a campaign along these lines.


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